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Sarah-Beth ([personal profile] kittenesque) wrote2012-07-29 06:55 pm
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Ellipsis #2

Issue 2 of ellipsis is done! It's slightly longer than my first at 28 pages (A6) with a lilac cover. Topics include 50 shades of Grey, fatness, fitness, girl hate and a recipe for vegan treats.

If anyone wants a copy it's £1 in the UK and £1.70 outside the UK. You can send money via Paypal to sarahbeth [AT] kittenesque [DOT] net and remember to email me your address. If you want to trade, or I owe you a copy for one you've already sent me just let me know via the same address.

PS: I still have a few copies of my first issue left, so just shout if you want one of those as well. They are a suggested donation of 50p to cover postage

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