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Sarah-Beth ([personal profile] kittenesque) wrote2011-06-23 08:05 am
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Ellipsis #1

I've finally completed my first zine. It's called ellipsis, it's a teeny little thing at 20 pages long (A6) copied in B&W with a colored cover. It has rambles in it about cycling, music, going places on my own & other bits and bobs.

If you'd like a copy - email me at kittenesque [AT] gmail [DOT] com with your address. There's a little paypal button belows & if you fancy making a donation to cover postage (50p in the UK) that'd be great but if you can't, I am still happy to send you a copy. Also happy to trade for copies of other zines (email me for my address)

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Ooh it looks beautiful, I have just sent you 50p!

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I have given a bit more to cover anyone who can't afford to pay. :D


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This zine is as awesome and lovely as Sarah Beth herself.

Thanks for keeping me company last night. Lovely to see you. x

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Oh, that looks lovely!
(I'm thinking of checking out the third and final NX farm building btw... before it has an 'accident' like the last one did :/)

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hooray, donated! (email me if you need my address)